Art by Anastasiia Aspid + deep dream

Art by Anastasiia Aspid + deep dream
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Evan forged a federal agent's signature to impersonate said agent. Manson offers PROOF in his lawsuit.

There's so much wrong with that mockumentary. Evan dated older men BEFORE Marilyn Manson, and after. Her parents loved him. Check out old interviews. She willingly dressed like Lolita, he never forced her to. He never forced drugs on her - she was already doing it. People on the set of Heart-Shaped Glasses confirmed that the s*x was FAKE. She was involved in the 3-day shoot & the editing. Why would she edit in her r*pe? Illma Gore shouldn't be in it. She's a con artist.

That FBI building she was in was EMPTY. I don't know if she even obtained permission to film inside.

Marilyn Manson's autobiography was HIGHLY exaggerated for shock value. He wanted people to actually think he's a monster. Band mates came forward and said it's fictional. It was even ghostwritten by Neil Strauss.
(author of text: Lisa LeGrand)



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