Post Apocalyptic Ballet  2.16.24

Post Apocalyptic Ballet 2.16.24

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Captivating surrealism & beauty at its finest -A fashion model whose skin is made exclusively of exquisite small glass textiles & is surreally realistic, is in a dynamic pose wearing a dress of glass tiles, rows & columns, the dress is remarkably fluid & fitted the model whose depiction includes her full head & entire body including arms & legs all of that is depicted on the screen, she twirls in her amazingly flowy dress showcasing the stealth & fluidity of glass tile textile – & she is on aA lunar luminescent silver ocean water surface, Liquid silver ripples reflecting the woman, cosmic storm background, night time, Jean-Baptiste Monge style, thus creating fascinating optical illusions & visible morphing, intricate detailed line work, integrated diverse textures, dynamic, granularly intricate detailed line work, integrated diverse textures, dynamic, granularly graphic, stacked lines, visual impact, gorgeous, fusion of figurative art + op art elements +rich deep colors + visibly depicted concepts like motion & momentum + stacked geometric patterning by Jeremy mann & Anna Dittman & Scott Uminga & Victor Vasarely & Anthony Hill, Oleg Shupliak op art, mixed media, collage, painting, drawing photorealistic, dark rich colors, stacked design graphics, remarkable intricacies, precision, aesthetic & kinetic vision with an unconventionally genius for the art of beauty & illusion,hyper detail Try (10)
sharp focus realistic elegant dof extremely detailed cinematic lighting masterpiece sensuality beautiful dynamic lighting award winning fantastic view crisp quality Unreal Engine Zdzisław Beksiński dramatic no text Mixed Media line art insanely detailed water colour Surrealism Victor Vasarely Tom Bagshaw elaborate great depth and scale graceful Catrin Welz-Stein Evocative Exquisite Semi-Abstract Sparkles Alex Alemany accurate and proportional human anatomy reflective lighting insanely intricate Optical illusion Perfectionism ultra-realism fractal pencil drawing Fluidity Very Crisp quality dynamic motion work of art Golden Ratio Facial Proportion fine line art Josef kote Oleg Shuplyak diaphanous cosmic elements incredible artistry with realism highly detailed, digital painting, abstract, surreal, Wassily, Kandinsky, Jean-Baptiste Monge Ultra Crisp quality ultra-high definition super polished Layered intricacies insane precision exceptionally creative masterful artistry insanely detailed details hyper-detailed textures graphically diverse textures architecturally detailed, multidimensional with incredible design elements Detailed architectural elements enhanced expressiveness one screen High graphic elements no frame, no border Subject’s symmetrical eyes are depicted as opened & irises & whites of eyes are visible impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery voguestyle Paul Cadden No closed eyes geometric aesthetic integrity of lines & shapes hyper precision clean crisp lines & linework & shapes & angles full head & body including arms & legs are depicted on the screen sublime designs

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