Art of Illusion  2.20.24

Art of Illusion 2.20.24

Model: DigitalDaVinci
Prompt:  Moody Day Syncopation & woman made of water, fhythm, insanely detailed, hyper textures,, brilliant richly colored painting, depicrion includes woman's Full head & entire body including arms & legs covered in water tapestry, all depicted on the screen, immersive background of watee, includes Silk moire designs that ties in with the woman, , Fabian Perez, patrick nagel, Tony Robbin, Pino Daen, Hans Erni , Peter Doig, Albrecht Dürer, Escher, Leonardo da Vinci, Man Ray, Hamid Naderi Yeganeh, Nelson Saiers, ,henry asencio, Ralph Steadman, Beksinski , hyper quality, 3D enhancements, High Resolution, multi-layered, enhance vibrancy clarity by 100%, increase color saturation significantly, one screen & one scene, realistic navy-blue irises in eyes , add navy-blue & gold, hyper structural assemblage art Try (14)
sharp focus elegant cinematic lighting masterpiece sensuality high definition colourful Zdzisław Beksiński dramatic acrylic art line art insanely detailed Ink Pino Daeni Tom Bagshaw elaborate Exquisite Sparkles accurate and proportional human anatomy reflective lighting insanely intricate visually breathtaking fractal pencil drawing Golden Ratio Facial Proportion fine line art Josef kote Michał Sawtyruk Ultra Crisp quality detailed ultra realistic amazingly attractive wide-set symmetrical eyes vibrant multidimensional colors realistic, exaggerated expressions Arthur Sarnoff multidimensional painting texturized painting insane precision hyper-detailed textures graphically diverse textures Unstructured Maximalism Hyper-Structured Minimalism perfectly resonated aesthetics Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors gorgeous smooth dewy complexion voguestyle No closed eyes geometric aesthetic integrity of lines & shapes full head & body including arms & legs are depicted on the screen

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