Kenewma Luiza Yawanawá کنوما لوئیزا یاواناوا

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Kenewma Luiza Yawanawá (کنوما لوئیزا یاواناوا). —A M3TA Creation—

Since Time Immemorial, The Yawanawá People Have Lived on The Banks of The Gregorio River, in the Amazon Rainforest, One of The Most Biodiverse Ecosystems on The Planet. In This Rich Habitat, Their Ancestors Developed a Vast Knowledge of Medicinal Plants of The Forest, as Well as a Deep Spiritual Wisdom.

Contact With The Western World Occurred Little More Than 100-Years Ago, Under Violent Circumstances, Initially Through Enslavement to The Rubber Industry, & Later Through The Domination of Foreign Missionaries Who Forbid Their Traditional Culture and Spirituality. At The End of The Last Century, The Yawanawá Regained The Rights to Their Lands.

Since Then, They've Been Leading Their Own Process of Cultural & Spiritual Revival, Which Transcends National Boundaries & Today Enchants The World.

This is The First NFT Gallery to be Officially Endorsed by Yawanawá Tribal Elders. Proceeds Will go to Restoring Access to Clean Drinking Water.

Minted With βičipa-kĩ (Love) & Yõšĩ (Soul)