"Patterns of Parrot Behavior"

#africangray #artcreatedfrommyphotos #birdpark #blackandwhite #brazil #iguacu #parrot

C.J. ProArtz

My base photo is an African gray parrot which I took at the Parque das Aves (Bird Park) near the entrance of Iquaçu National Park in Brazil.

My style image is a handmade composition of patterns that I created with black and shades of gray markers and technical pens.

In my first attempt, I used a colored photo. There were distracting bits of color in the resulting background. I deleted that image and changed my base image to gray-scale, resulting in a black and white result which I liked better.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the images I have made public are created from my own photography and/or digital or hand-made art.


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