Inca Doves

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In the frame are two delicate Inca Doves perched on a railing. One is in the foreground and it's head is turned over it's shoulder to look at the camera and the photographer. The second is facing away from the camera and is partially obscured by the first dove.

The doves are tan, brown, orange, and have a touch of black on the bill and in the eye. The sky is a mix of pastel blues, purples, pinks, peaches, and white. The railing is a mix of browns, oranges, and the colors of the sky.

The photo was taken on a cell phone through the lens of a binocular used as a zoom lens which resulted in a circular black frame.

The photo of the two inca doves was combined with an abstract streaky brown cat which resulted in thick chunky streaks across the photo that represent the Inca doves, the railing, the sky, and the black frame around the scene.


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