Perspective vs Hyperbole


"... The World I Know
Has our conscience shown?
... Has the sweet breeze blown?
Has all kindness gone?
... Hope still lingers on." (see Cite below)
That my food dish will runneth over once again . :(

I am not joking here,... seriously .... my
... food situation is the worst since the
"Irish Potato Famine" , "World War II", and
...and hunger in the "Great Depression."
It is an "existential thing"
... thats' going on here. :(

CITE: idea, words, and title
[] Atlantic Records. “Collective Soul - the World I Know (Official Video).” YouTube, 27 Oct. 2009,
H‌ear it at
[] TV Cable News

Image: An unhappy Kit T. Mann.

Note From The Cat Side:
Subject: My Struggle
Upon my reaching 16+ lbs
... "The Man" called the cat
food company , spoke with the
... vet, and consulted a cat
calories counter.
... Just like being in a Gulag, I am
on a "Forever Diet". Whurrp! :( :( :(
... But, hope still lingers on."
He is only "The Staff" and should know his place!!!
... I continue to resist, complain, and open cabinets.
The "cabinet air cans" will deplete, he will grow weary ...
... I will win!!! My struggle continues!
"Dogs have Masters, Cats Have Staff"
Kit T. Mann

Disclaimer: No "huge cat" has been starved in making this image.

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