Sunset Sonata  2.10.24

Sunset Sonata 2.10.24

#beauty #fashion #moon #textile #texture #vintage

Model: DigitalDaVinci
Prompt:  Moody Day Syncopation patrick nagel, Tony Robbin, Pino Daen, opening style of Richard Burlet, Hans Erni, Peter Doig, Escher, Santiago Calatrava, Anthony Hill, Leonardo da Vinci, Man Ray, Hamid Naderi Yeganeh, henry asencio, Hans Hartung carne Griffiths, Klee, Unstructured Maximalism, internally decorative, hyper-Structured Minimalism, Legit emotional reactions, perfect body coordination, figurative art Try (85)
sharp focus elegant oil on canvas cinematic lighting masterpiece sensuality crisp quality acrylic art no text insanely detailed Tom Bagshaw rule of thirds great depth and scale Catrin Welz-Stein Exquisite accurate and proportional human anatomy reflective lighting insanely intricate visually breathtaking fractal pencil drawing Golden Ratio Facial Proportion fine line art Josef kote visual impact Michał Sawtyruk highly detailed, digital painting, abstract, surreal, Wassily, Kandinsky, Jean-Baptiste Monge ultra-high definition super polished multi-layered realistic tears in rims of lower inner eyelids multidimensional painting texturized painting insane precision insane depth graphically diverse textures architecturally detailed, multidimensional with incredible design elements one screen no frame, no border sexy with hint of eroticism Subject’s symmetrical eyes are depicted as opened & irises & whites of eyes are visible Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors Aesthetically & anatomically accurate & proportional facial features No closed eyes henry Asencio Multi-Gold-shaded sun & rays create sublime effects & architectural elements

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