Female Tapestry (3)  2.14.24

Female Tapestry (3) 2.14.24

Model: DigitalDaVinci
Prompt:  she was conflicted, pondering her exquisite beauty, her overly alluring sensuality that was her natural maaner, not something practiced, & how much power she weilded simply by being born & continuing to exist, diaphanous ethereal sensuous, , sensuous colors silk moire patterns designs,textile patchwork by Carina Francioso monet Egon Schiele, serge marshennikov jeremy mann, seamless flow of designs, subject is depicted with opened eyes, (dimensions: width is 1256 , height 862 ), silky fluidity Try (69)
highly detailed fantasy intricate ethereal sensuality beautiful crisp quality colourful VRay abstract no text wind water colour Epic glowing Pino Daeni Egon Schiele great depth and scale emotional wild Stephen Gammell illuminated reflective lighting Dee Nickerson precision Fluidity detailed ultra realistic amazingly attractive wide-set symmetrical eyes multidimensional painting texturized painting insane depth mysterious atmosphere art design enhanced expressiveness one screen perfectly resonated aesthetics Subject’s symmetrical eyes are depicted as opened & irises & whites of eyes are visible Visually Rich brilliant gorgeous colorful colors gorgeous smooth dewy complexion precise Gelsculpt sublime designs op art & optical illusion line graphic art elements perfect body coordination & accurate body kinetics & positioning aesthetically beautiful female face symmetrical & chiseled facial features Zbrush & Blender

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