Old Times There Are Not Forgotten

Linda King

I remember this place. I was a guest in this home long ago.
My little girl and I were each given bedrooms with fireplaces, and her room had many dolls and doll furniture. It felt like stepping back in time, the furnishings were exquisite.
The kitchen ceiling looked to be almost two stories high, and one wall had cast iron pieces displayed all across it.
The rooms were beautifully kept and the homeowner was a lovely woman. She told us many stories about the house and showed us the graveyard that’s behind the place.
She had a sweet little three legged dog. I have a few photos of when I was a guest in this home. Our rooms were on the second floor top right in this photo.
I will post them next time I see them in my files.
There is a marvelous balcony on the back side of this place, can’t see it in these photos.
This is across a creek with a creaky bridge, and up a long dirt road up a hill almost to the top.
I stayed here when I first visited Kentucky.
Now it sits empty..