Nigel Vyvyan Martin

Nigel Vyvyan Martin
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More about Nigel Vyvyan Martin

We just adopted a new kitty from the city's shelter! I dunno' if you've seen The Young Ones (BBC show from the 80's), but we named him Nigel after Nigel Planer who played Neil & Ade Edmonson's character Vyvyan from the show.

Neil is a hippy guy who has kind of a "Oh wow, guys." personality, while Vyvyan is more of a crazy anarchist. Our Nigel fits both...haha! He's like a willful 2 year old who wants to go exactly where you ask him not to go- like into the trash can. And after ripping a roll of paper towels to shreds, he'll flop onto his side, start loudly purring & ask for his belly to be rubbed. He's an awesome kitty :)


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