Hot Discusion

Hot Discusion
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No animals were harmed in the making of this dream.
Remy cooking up ratatouille & Nemo is arguing with Remy that clownfish are not tasty fish and they should not be cooked.

Prompt & dream made for the DDG FB group challenge Fantasy

PROMPTS I'm happy to share, just click the TRY button. I would love to see your resulting dream(s).

Aliza Irfan got a dream from try it....they blocked me from making a comment as they do not like it when I say good dream from whomever the dreamer is. You may recognized several different dreamers' prompts he/she has use. She DOES delete dreamers names when they are used in the modifiers.

Thank you to those who are ethical dreamers and don't on purpose hide that you used the Try button or were influence by someone.


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