Secret Garden 2.7.24

Secret Garden 2.7.24

Model: AIVision
Prompt:  Captivating visionary art fusing surreal fantasy, a realistic dope woman, Avant Garde fashion that also fosters an epic eco system of enchanting fantastical creatures & flora amid an immersive detailed background, tattoo artistry, hyper-realism, otherworldly mesmerizing spectacle of unconventional, sublime aesthetics, vogue editorial + expansive surreal fantasy, multi media, details: dope gorgeous female has an intricately artistic body suit made entirely of tattoo artistry, she wears a sumptuously exquisite fitted luxe textile tuxedo-like jacket that transforms into a showstopping mammoth bustle-like train, huge petal-like extensions in graduated tiers from midsection, billowing airborne kinetic effect, & these garment structures are home to an expansive immersive eco system, lively inhabited by fascinating alien 3D flora & discernible whimsical creatures in dynamic motion, intricate, hyperdetailed dendritic, bright color, high resolution, sheen, colorful, graffiti art, dynamic pose, whimsical movement, liminal, twist angle, swirling ink, Luis Royo & Artgerm, the menagerie of creatures- butterflies, cool birds, little cute sentient critters, & landscape ala Naoto Hattori, dr seuss, Jacek Yerka, Aubrey Beardsley, Versace, Christian Siriano, Giger, the aesthetically perfect female is depicted as a modern young mother nature & fashionista amid detailed background, surreal fantasy, realism, hyper realistic art, sophisticated beauty aesthetic with whimsicality & edge, mesmerizing visual story conveyed with nuance, spectacular detail, intricacy, glamour & sentience, sleek buoyancy, precise fluidity, dynamic life, fluidity & motion, masterful artistry & visionary imagination, best ai generated art that weaves a textured, visually stunning enchanting cohesive story, internally decorative, legit emotion & expression, perfect body coordination in the styles of Anna Dittman, Robert Gonsalves, Gail Potocki, paul Cadden, Giacomo Balla, Chiharu Shiota, victor br Try (5)
masterpiece sensuality Unreal Engine colourful dramatic no text Mixed Media insanely detailed Surrealism whimsical elaborate rule of thirds great depth and scale Enki Bilal graceful Catrin Welz-Stein Tomasz Alen Kopera Apollonia Saintclair Exquisite Multidimensional Alex Alemany Perfectionism aesthetically perfect facial structure visually breathtaking Fluidity fine line art visual impact incredible artistry with realism vibrant multidimensional colors Layered intricacies unyielding adherence to accurate anatomy insane depth graphically diverse textures architecturally detailed, multidimensional with incredible design elements Unstructured Maximalism Novelty architecture High graphic elements Hyper-Structured Minimalism perfectly resonated aesthetics impeccable sublime styling & design & scenery exquisite gothic elements Other-worldly beauty & mystique voguestyle Paul Cadden geometric aesthetic integrity of lines & shapes hyper precision Enhanced 3D effects full head & body including arms & legs are depicted on the screen aesthetically perfect female facial features sublime designs remarkable flow of story & overall cohesion op art & optical illusion line graphic art elements actual depiction of movement, motion & flow

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