Hidden Treasure

#champee #hidden #landscape #mystery #treasure

Prompt:  Biocomputer heart and white biocomputer flowers and biomechanical flowers in a cave forest, psychedelic, land of thought and imagination, massive, surreal, environment, dreamlike, ethereal, smooth, thought provoking, ethereal, magical, mystical, matte painting, (vibrant), soft diffused light, volumetric lighting, dramatic lighting, cinematic, epic composition, hypermaximalist, perfection, fractal, Fibonacci, masterpiece, biomorphic, atmospheric, lovely, low angle, ultra wide angle, huge scene, uncanny atmosphere, captivating, picturesque, vivid, ray tracing, global illumination, unique landscape, concept art, by Jacek Yerka, by Jordan Grimmer, Ismail Inceoglu, Huang Guangjian, CGSociety, ZBrush, Gediminas Pranckevicius, Ralph McQuarrie, Albrecht Durer, Michael Whelan, Jessica Rossier, Brian Froud, James Gurney, Andrei Riabovitchev, Greg Rutkowski, Katsuya Terada, Takashi Murakami, Yoshitaka Amano, Giger   Try it
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Started from image:

Made in SD local using Protogen x5.8 model
(https://civitai.com/models/3867/protogen-x58-rebuilt-scifianime-official-release) then upscaled in DDG
Do not use my base image and upscaled image without my permission