In the Night-blooming Garden: III

#deathheadsmoth #fungus #moonlight #nightbloominggarden #plasma #wormholes

Shaun Lawton

This is the third (in a series of four) image I made using Midjourney as one of the tools
of the trade. I screen captured the four square results and then after uploading that .jpg
into a photo editor I adjusted the exposure and color settings (keeping the original hue
centered by giving the saturation a boost and lowering the temperature ever so slightly.
Oh yes I resized it from its MJ default 419 px to an even 500 (this to open the pores of
the image just enough for the AI to have more to work with). After cropping all four MJ
images, adjusting and resizing them, I uploaded to DDG and applied some of my own
style templates.

I introduced it on one of my weyrd blogs here's the url if you want to check it out:

In the night blooming garden where signatures crawl
into worm holes blossoming in the moldering corners
the moon creeps out awakening the lightning and the
orchids stand tall and bloom open their delirious eyes

take a walk in my garden on a full moon after midnight
to see what I've allowed to grow wild there are flowers
which no one has ever heard of before that would never
be permitted near a child sit down for a spell and beware

if you fall asleep the creeper vines may eventually pull you
into their lair several inches below where strange mushrooms
sprout and the eerie patches of fungus that grow on the elm
bark and glow in the dark resemble a crucifix death heads moth

Pay no heed to the quickening movements in the shadows
so long as you stay on the path of my night blooming garden
but do pay respect to the hallowed grounds that you walk on
because the measure of your worth may be pardoned

poem by shaun lawton | slc