"Bedeviled Barn"

#abstract #art #artcreatedfrommyphotos #barn #blighted #distressed #farm #red

C.J. ProArtz

My base photo was taken in a rural area of Western PA from my car which I pulled to the side of the road. The owner came out and yelled at me and threatened to call the police. I explained that I am permitted to take photos from any public place (the road) as long as I am not trespassing nor invading privacy. (For example I can't enter private property nor use a telephoto lens to take photos of people in their bedrooms or bathrooms.)

I chose my abstract image for the style because of the red color. In the result, it sort of looks like the barn is being attacked by some evil force, thus the title.

Unless otherwise noted, all of the images I have made public are created from my own photography and/or digital or hand-made art.


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