If I had wings
I would fly
Away from yesterday
Away from today
Away from tomorrow
I would search
For the place
Where light is liquid breath
Where melodies
Are like gentle rippling waterflows
But can also boom like oceans

If I could fly
I would carry you too
To the place
Where you
Lay down in the grass
In a safe nest
Where you can hide in a tree
To find recovery

I flew
To the place
Where birds whistle a life song
Where nobody can hurt you
To the place where
Freedom shines in vibrant colors
And spread her flowery scents

I flew
To the place
Where the sun is buzzing in satisfaction
And the moon and stars
Are filled with warm gratitude
Where blessings rain
Where Hope and Trust are flourishing

Unfortunately, I can't fly
But I know
Yes, I believe
That Life Itself
Tenderly flatters us
With His loving wings
In His presence
We are exactly where we belong:
In the arms of Life Himself!

We don't have to fly
He surrounds us
With all His Glory
He gives wings to our dreams
Lead us through deep valleys
And gives us strength
To jump over mountains.
His arms and Love
Teaches our broken soul
To sing a love song once again